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Fire Ground Supply Hose Isn’t A Commodity – It’s a Life Line

When considering new supply hose for your fire department, take a closer look at the material performance specification as well as test and field results from each supplier.  Not all supply hose is created equal – far from it! First, make sure the supply hose delivers what’s most critical – superior efficiency and more gallons […]

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What’s WAT-Hog™? Multi-Purpose, Multi-Function Lay-Flat Hose by BullDog

If there’s a “swiss army knife” in lay-flat hose, it’s the WAT-Hog™ product by BullDog Hose Company.  With numerous vocational applications in municipal, marine, mining, military and more, WAT-Hog™ is the answer to many different needs.   It’s truly a multi-purpose utility hose that can move or transfer water, reclaimed water, wastewater, slurries, fuel, etc. Available […]

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Over the last three years, rising costs have impacted bottom lines for businesses worldwide. Manure applicators, specifically, have seen a surge in the cost of labor, materials, fuel and equipment as operational expenses continue to rise. Producers are also dealing with the same increases, as well as a rise in the market price of commercial […]

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Hose “Made in the USA” – Be Sure!

When your hose supplier claims, “Made in the USA”, it may take some added investigation to be really sure it is.  We can explain. First, be sure to investigate if 100% of the product is made in the USA.  For example, it’s possible that parts could be sourced from third-party manufacturers outside the USA and […]

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Severe Duty Military Hose with “Bite” and Muscle Too!

For decades, based on an incredible field-proven performance track record, BullDog Hose Company has supplied numerous products to the United States military or defense market.  This holds true even today – and for the future as well! From a logistics and in theater field asset perspective, as one example, BullDog Hose has an outstanding reputation […]

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Unconventional Forestry Hose for Wildland and Urban Interface Zones

In lieu of conventional forestry hoses, BullDog’s Super Marshall™ provides a superior alternative for many fire departments.  Unlike traditional woven jacketed forestry hose, Super Marshall™ is constructed with nitrile-rubber.  Why is this better? First, due to the unique construction, Super Marshall™ does not require washing or drying and it is impervious to mildew.  With severe […]

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Conserving Every Precious Drop

Conserving Every Precious Drop – NO-DES Inc. Teams with BullDog’s Aqua Guard™ Potable Water Hose Safely and effectively managing vital municipal water resources has become ever more critical.  Leading the way in water conservation technology is NO-DES, Inc. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, NO-DES has solved the challenges with municipal […]

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Don’t Compromise When Lives are On the Line!

  When it comes to interior attack hose for structural firefighting, there’s a lot at stake.  After all, other than a handline nozzle on one end and a water pump on the other, everything in between – most importantly, the firefighter – depends on the best fire hose possible. Unfortunately, sometimes cost (or price) considerations […]

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It’s Cold Out (or Down) There – And BullDog Fuel Hose Gets the Job Done!

Through the United States Antarctic Program (USAP), the National Science Foundation (NSF), manages all U.S. scientific research and related logistics in Antarctica as well as aboard ships in the Southern Ocean. To achieve the USAP science goals, NSF operates three U.S. scientific stations year-round on the continent. Located on the Ross Sea, McMurdo Station is […]

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BullDog’s Premium 200® Irrigation Hose: The Answer To Reliable Irrigation

Irrigation is a crucial input for those that require its use. As infrequent weather makes it unreliable for crops to access water, irrigation should be a reliable source right? The answer to that question depends on the equipment and irrigation method being used. In the case of traveler irrigation systems, the most important piece of […]

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