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Securing Non-Traditional Water Sources

Types of Non-Domestic Water Sources Knowing where the water is available to you is critical in emergencies. When regular domestic water sources such as hydrants and support trucks are not available, crews must be ready to take action and locate a reliable supply of water or create their own. This article explores what non-domestic water

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Industrial Firefighting Tips

Tips For Strengthening Industrial Fire Brigade & Municipal Fire Department Relationships Communities that have an industry with on-site fire brigades and local municipal fire departments are in a unique situation where hazardous emergencies are a part of the scenarios in which emergency responders must be ready for. Ensuring a strong working relationship between the two

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All Fire Hose Questions You Need Answered

You have questions. When you purchase a fire hose, most automatically assume that you know enough about the hose. After all, businesses and people that buy fire hoses seem to have been doing it for awhile. So, what are the fire hose questions that keep getting asked and no one seems to answer? How much

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The Power of Proper Fire Hose Placement

Tips For Hoseline Placement  When arriving at the scene of a fire, a crew has moments to react and develop a plan. Where the hoses are placed and positioned significantly affects how quickly a fire is contained and extinguished. Improper placement of hoselines can lead to disastrous outcomes for those that need rescuing, firefighters, and

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Choosing The Right Fire Hose Jacket: A Hose Design Overview

Hose design has evolved a long way from the cotton-woven hoses of the past. Today, fire departments utilize a wide range of modern hose jacket designs made out of high-tech material. The most common fire hose jacket designs are single-, double-, and synthetic-jackets. While each jacket gives the hose strength, their different constructions handle varying

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Tips for Effective Winter Firefighting

Tips To Ensure Fire Suppression During Winter Emergencies    A reliable supply of water is critical to have in any fire emergency. But during the wintertime—in colder climates—it is even more crucial to have procedures set up to ensure that water and supplies are ready to go. We have assembled a few winter firefighting tips

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BullDog Aqua Guard Hose Product Receives NSF-61 Certification

ANGIER, NC (September 30, 2019) – BullDog Hose Company, a premium hose manufacturer located in North Carolina, has rolled out new product designs and offerings over the last year. Recently, the company released its latest product, Aqua Guard™. The product is designed to transport potable water, or water that is for consumption. The Aqua Guard

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BullDog Unveils Industry-First Attack Hose Attachment

Angier, North Carolina (June 26, 2019) – When firefighting tactics on a scene require interior and transitional attack, crews need to have every option available to contain a blaze as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. BullDog Hose Company, a leading manufacturer of hoses, has developed and unveiled Fireguard™, a new attack hose attachment that

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BullDog Hose Company Making Second Appearance At FDIC

Angier, NC (March 22, 2019) – As BullDog Hose Company celebrates the start of its second year in business, it is setting its sights on making a strong appearance at this year’s Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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BullDog Hose Company Launches New Website

BullDog Hose Company, a leading U.S. manufacturer of premium hoses, is proud to announce the launch of a new and dynamic website that showcases the company’s full lineup of specialized hose products and accessories. The fire hose industry leader moved forward with the new site development in order to better serve their customers and dealer network.

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