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5 Reasons Drag Hose Is Ideal For Nutrient Application

In a dragline application, the hose is arguably the most important piece of equipment you can have to accomplish that goal. BullDog’s Drag Hose is specifically made to give applicators that edge out in the field. To explain to you how it does that, we’ve put together five reasons why it’s ideal for nutrient application. […]

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Tips To Ensure Your New Fire Hose Is Ready To Respond

Fire hose manufacturers, such as BullDog Hose Company, conduct rigorous tests and inspections to ensure fire departments receive the highest quality fire hoses. Once you receive your new hose, it’s a wise practice to run your own tests and assessments to verify that the line is ready to respond to emergencies. The BullDog Hose team […]

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Certifications Are A Key Factor To Consider When Selecting A Fire Hose

Not all fire hoses are made the same. With the attack, supply, forestry, booster, and suction hoses, there is a long list of hoses with different capabilities. However, there is a big factor that one should consider no matter what hose they are looking to purchase, and that is product certification to back up quality, […]

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Fire Hoses for Sale | Buy Big Hoses Today!

Fire hoses are constantly in demand in our ever-changing world. But, if you’re trying to meet a municipal budget, where do you turn? Your friends at BullDog Hose have been helping fire departments around the US and Canada discover their perfect work balance. Finding the needs to meet safety with the durable hoses that would […]

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What is the best Fire Fighting hose? Municipal vs. Industrial

  Fire fighting is one of the professions that keeps our nation thriving. But, fire departments around America have to select the best hoses every year. Budgets might change and the seasons grow warmer, but safety is of utmost importance. However, not every fire hose works the same due to the fires they have to […]

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Importance of Fire Hose Size

When arriving on the scene of a fire, emergency crews have to make quick, on-the-spot decisions for approaching the situation. Arguably, one of the most crucial determinations that needs to be made is which hose lines are best suited for the circumstances. Fire severity, type of property, amount of required hose, and suppression tactics are […]

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Fire Hose Handling Tips for Nozzle Operators and Backup Firefighters

Fighting fires is a marathon, not a sprint. Those tasked to operate a hoseline not only have to be smart about the way they suppress an inferno but also manage how they handle the hose–in the hopes of avoiding rapid fatigue. BullDog Hose has compiled a few reliable techniques that nozzle operators and backup firefighters […]

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Securing Non-Traditional Water Sources

Types of Non-Domestic Water Sources Knowing where the water is available to you is critical in emergencies. When regular domestic water sources such as hydrants and support trucks are not available, crews must be ready to take action and locate a reliable supply of water or create their own. This article explores what non-domestic water […]

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Industrial Firefighting Tips

Tips For Strengthening Industrial Fire Brigade & Municipal Fire Department Relationships Communities that have an industry with on-site fire brigades and local municipal fire departments are in a unique situation where hazardous emergencies are a part of the scenarios in which emergency responders must be ready for. Ensuring a strong working relationship between the two […]

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All Fire Hose Questions You Need Answered

You have questions. When you purchase a fire hose, most automatically assume that you know enough about the hose. After all, businesses and people that buy fire hoses seem to have been doing it for awhile. So, what are the fire hose questions that keep getting asked and no one seems to answer? How much […]

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