Oil and Gas Hoses

Fuel, Water, and Liquid Transfer Hoses

Add steady flow to your oil field operation with one of BullDog’s premium oil and gas hoses.

BullDog Military Fuel Hose, Armoured Chemichoil™


A premium flexible layflat hose designed for the transfer of fuel, wastewater, sewer, treated and reclaimed water.
See WAT-Hog
BullDog Hose Armour Guard 1.5

Armour Guard™

BullDog Armour Guard™ is a lay-flat, flexible water-discharge hose that brings impressive flow to any situation.
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BullDog Hose Red Chief 2.5

Red/Yellow Chief®

Red/Yellow Chief® is an easy to handle, heat resistant hose suited to handle fires when maneuverability is key.
See Red/Yellow Chief


Redskin/Blueskin® is a lay-flat, lightweight, flexible firehose specifically designed for industrial fire protection.
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