Oil and Gas Hoses

Fuel, Water, and Liquid Transfer Hoses

Add steady flow to your field operation with one of BullDog’s premium oil and gas hoses.

But, how do you know which liquid transfer hose you need and why? Bulldog is here to help you out. 

Why turn to BullDog Hose for your Oil and Gas Hoses?

BullDog Hose is committed to success in liquid transport across several industries. Oil and Gas Industries get an added boost from our high-grade manufactured hoses. 

When you’re in the field, you want hoses that can transfer liquid to and from the site with little extra labor. Let us help you find that perfect to transport any liquid you need moved around your work site.

More than that, take a look at our hoses designed for specific environments. BullDog Hose is the home of fire hoses and other means of transporting liquids. But, what works best for your industry?

If that wasn’t enough, we have hoses designed for advanced durability and industrial fire protection. There are many more applications than that, but you know what works best for you. So, keep browsing our hoses and feel free to ask us questions as needed. 

For that would like to learn more, we suggest contacting BullDog Hose today

BullDog Wat-Hog Lay-Flat Industrial Hose


A premium flexible lay-flat hose designed for the transfer of fuel, wastewater, sewer, treated and reclaimed water.
See WAT-Hog
BullDog Hose Armour Guard 1.5

Armour Guard™

BullDog Armour Guard™ is a lay-flat, flexible water-discharge hose that brings impressive flow to any situation.
See Armour Guard
BullDog Red Chief Industrial Fire Hose

Red/Yellow Chief®

Red/Yellow Chief® is an easy to handle, heat resistant hose suited to handle fires when maneuverability is key.
See Red/Yellow Chief
BullDog Rackhose Interior Firefighting Fire Hose


Redskin/Blueskin® is a lay-flat, lightweight, flexible firehose specifically designed for industrial fire protection.
See Redskin/Blueskin