BullDog Wat-Hog Lay-Flat Industrial Hose

Fuel Hose™

Military Fuel-Delivery Hose

BullDog Fuel Hose™ is a lay-flat, Mil-Spec, large-diameter fuel transfer hose designed to transport fuel or potable water. BullDog Fuel Hose™ is trusted as the bulk fuel resupply hose for all military branches, meeting MIL PRF 370C. Fuel Hose features a through-the-weave, one-piece construction, with a circular-woven high-tenacity polyester reinforcement encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining

BullDog Fuel Hose™ is designed for long-term usage and maintenance-free service. In one of the harshest environments, this military-grade hose has been in service for over 25 years. Built in the U.S. from premium materials, this fuel-delivery hose also enables quick and efficient transport of potable water and other liquids. In military operations, this fast liquid transport pays off and keeps operations flowing smoothly.


  • Designed for long life and maintenance-free service in even the harshest environments. Tough and durable, with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting for use on a wide variety of ground conditions. No corrosion or scaling. Resistant to fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.
  • A low-pressure loss for efficient pumping. Swells up to 10% above uncharged diameter at maximum operating pressure enabling more water to be pumped.
  • Features a unique “through-the-weave” one-piece construction comprising a circular woven high tenacity polyester reinforcement totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining.
  • Long continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using various systems, including light-duty trailers, flaking boxes, and power-driven reels. High flexibility and kink resistance allow natural ground contours to be followed without stress on the pipeline and eliminating costly path-cutting work. Fewer joints and faster connections mean reduced labor and equipment costs.
  • Long-term storage in coiled configurations will have minimal impact on hose life
  • Bonding wires, conforming to MIL-PRF-370 Type C, are fitted to allow couplings to be electrically bonded when transferring fuels.
  • A wide range of couplings, manifolds, and hardware are available for connecting the hose to additional segments, fluid supplies, or additional hardware.

  Industrial Hose Two-Year Warranty

Fuel Hose™ Specifications:
Size Pressure
Working Burst*
Wall Thickness Weight**
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa inch mm lbs/ft kg
2 51 200 1378 600 4136 .08 2.03 .21 0.095
2.5 64 200 1378 600 4136 .08 2.03 .30 0.136
3 76 200 1378 600 4136 .09 2.28 .37 0.168
4 102 200 1378 600 4136 .09 2.28 .56 0.254
6 152 200 1378 600 4136 .1 2.54 1.22 0.553

* Or maximum working pressure of attached coupling, whichever is the lower
** Excluding couplings

Technical Data:
Outer Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Inner Hose Reinforcement 100% synthetic circular woven
Lengths Up to 660’
Factory Installed Couplings Per Customer Requirement
Temperature Range -58° to 158°