General Industrial Hoses

Versatile Fire and Industrial Hoses

From transporting industrial liquids to occupant firefighting, BullDog’s American-made industrial hoses span a wide range of applications.

BullDog Wat-Hog Lay-Flat Industrial Hose

Fuel Hose™

BullDog Fuel Hose™ is a premium lay-flat industrial hose designed to transfer fuel and potable water—built to be resistant to damage from fuel, chemicals, UV, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.
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BullDog Mainline lay flat agricultural hose


WAT-Hog™ lay-flat industrial hose is designed for liquid transfer, slurry pumping, and much more—through-the-weave, one-piece construction ensures performance in tough environments.
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BullDog Rackhose Interior Firefighting Fire Hose


Redskin/Blueskin® is our answer to the demand for a lay-flat industrial hose that is, lightweight, flexible and specifically designed to handle industrial fire calls.
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BullDog Red Chief Industrial Fire Hose

Red/Yellow Chief®

Red/Yellow Chief® is an easy-to-handle, heat-resistant industrial hose suited for fire calls when maximum maneuverability is a critical component for an effective response.
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Hi-Vol TPU Hose


BullDog Rackhose™ is a high-quality industrial hose designed for occupant use in interior firefighting. Its compact structure provides flexible and agile firefighting power for indoor fires.
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BullDog Single Jacket Industrial Fire Hose

Single Jacket™

BullDog Single Jacket™ is a high-quality industrial hose with a flexible rubber lining. Its adaptable design helps it excel in interior and exterior fire protection or general maintenance use.
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BullDog Drag Hose for manure injection agricultural applications

Chiller Hose™

BullDog Chiller Hose™ hose has been in the lay-flat industrial hose business for more than 25 years, and we have a comprehensive product offering that will satisfy your requirements.
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BullDog Aqua Guard Municipal Potable Water Hose


Aqua Guard™ is our premium lay-flat industrial hose designed for the transfer of potable water to remote locations, new developments or anywhere drinkable water is needed.