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Hose “Made in the USA” – Be Sure!

American Made Tough BullDog Hose label

When your hose supplier claims, “Made in the USA”, it may take some added investigation to be really sure it is.  We can explain.

First, be sure to investigate if 100% of the product is made in the USA.  For example, it’s possible that parts could be sourced from third-party manufacturers outside the USA and then have final product assembly or construction done in the USA.  With hose, this could potentially include things such as inner hose liners and couplings.

So, in this scenario or example, you may discover key foreign-produced components of the product that are imported from other countries.  The question becomes does this add any potential risk with product performance (compliance to quality or spec. integrity) and delivery (from a supply chain perspective)?  It also reminds one of the realities around “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

On the other hand, is 100% of the product manufactured outside the USA and simply imported via seaboard shipping containers?  If so, how does the product actually perform (based on third-party test data and/or real-world use) compared to a 100% USA manufactured product?  If the manufacturer will not produce test data and analysis, it may be cause for concern.  Are there any delivery risks with supply chain disruptions created by shipping or trucking logistics?  How long can you really wait for the hose you need because a container is still aboard a foreign vessel or impaired at a port terminal?

With BullDog Hose, our products – all of them – are proudly “Made in the USA”!  Headquartered in Angier, North Carolina (about 30 minutes South of Raleigh, the state capitol), BullDog Hose employs a local team of nearly 100 people that are dedicated to producing “American Made Tough” hose for every market or vocation from firefighting to potable water and irrigation to fuel hose and more.

Many hard-working local team members at our hose manufacturing plant in North Carolina have dedicated years (if not decades) to delivering the absolute best performance hose products to all our customers’ requirements.  And, that’s exactly why those same customers keep coming back to BullDog Hose year after year.  We often learn that due to a performance issue associated with product that is not truly 100% Made in the USA, customers are coming to us to satisfy their demands or requirements.

So, the next time you’re looking to purchase high performance, high quality hose for your mission requirements, take a closer look and ask some questions.  Take no shortcuts – or at least be certain your hose supplier is not.  For your sake, don’t just take our word for it (or anyone else’s).  Make sure that your hose is truly 100% “Made in the USA”!