General Fire Hoses

Versatile Firefighting Hoses

Our flexible and maneuverable fire hoses add agile power to your fire department. From chemical resistance to lightweight designs, we have firehoses built to perform in any environment.

BullDog Hose Yellow Chief 1.75

Red/Yellow Chief®

Red/Yellow Chief® is an easy to handle, heat resistant hose suited to handle fires when maneuverability is key.
See Red/Yellow Chief
BullDog Redskin and Blueskin fire hose


Redskin/Blueskin® is a lay-flat, lightweight, flexible fire hose specifically designed for industrial fire protection.
See Redskin/Blueskin
BullDog Hose GASyn Chem 65mm


Hi-Power™ battles high-rise fires with an ultra-lightweight design and a reliably consistent and powerful flow.
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