Supply Line Fire Hose

Premium Supply Fire Hose

BullDog’s American-made supply hoses move large volumes of water when you’re on the scene. Our Hi-Vol and Hi-VOl TPU hoses keep your fire department equipped to tackle any fire.

BullDog Hi-Vol Supply Line Fire Hose


Hi-Vol is a premium large diameter supply hose that offers superior performance with the ability to deliver more water at a lower cost. This hose offers high resistance to heat, oils, chemicals, UV and Ozone. It is available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” diameter supply lines.
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Hi-Vol TPU™

Hi-Vol TPU™ is an extruded-through-the-weave TPU hose that provides excellent abrasion resistance, reduced weight, and improved kink resistance in comparison to rubber, as well as UV and ozone resistance.
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