Ultima II

Low PSI Nozzle Approved
Heavy-Duty Attack Fire Hose

BullDog Ultima II™ is a durable, double-jacketed hose, constructed with ring spun polyester, both warp and filler, and lined with a reverse twill inside jacket for an ultra-smooth liner surface. Its engineered heavier construction is for all nozzle applications including smooth bore and guarantees maximum durability. The standard color for Ultima II hose is white. Other colors available with our innovative Armour Jacket abrasion-resistant coatings are red, yellow, blue, black, green, tan, orange.

  • Low Maintenance
    Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Superior Abrasion Performance
    High abrasion resistance when treated with Armour Jacket coating.
  • Extreme Durability
    Ozone-resistant for extreme durability. Temperature range -30ºF to +112ºF.
  • Exceeds Standards
    Ultima is manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA 1961 standard and UL-19 standard.

  Ultima II Flyer

  Municipal Fire Hose Ten-Year Warranty

Ultima II Specifications:
Size Pressure
Service Proof Burst
Bowl Size Weight*
Coil Diameter
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1.75 45 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 2-1/8 24 10.9 23 584
1.88 48 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 2-1/4 25 11.4 24 610
2.5 64 400 2800 800 5600 1200 8400 2-15/16 36 16.3 24 610

*Including couplings

Technical Data:
Outer Double-jacketed ring-spun polyester
Outer Hose Treatment Armour Jacket™
Inner Hose Cover & Liner EPDM
Temperature Range -30º F to +112º F