Firepower II

Double-Jacketed Attack Fire Hose

Firepower II™ is a highly durable double-jacketed hose made from a high-tech, nylon–polyester outer jacket. Its toughness and flow rate in harsh environments make it an invaluable firefighting tool. This product has excellent packing capabilities for a double-jacket hose and improves hose-handling applications with an easy-to-grip material.

Also featuring a high-performance, nitrile-rubber-through-the-weave inner liner that offers superior burst pressure, Firepower II delivers optimum kink resistance while providing greater flexibility and superior water flow with low friction loss. Firepower II combines high abrasion resistance with low overall weight and low drag resistance. Designed with unrivaled UV and ozone protection, Firepower II will bring you years of reliable service and is available in five NFPA colors.

  • Unrivaled Kink Resistance
    Passes 34”, 24”, and 18” doorway kink test. Loops to 11” before kink, ensuring no line failure or loss of flow.
  • Six Times More Heat Resistance
    Nitrile/PVC lining provides six times more heat resistance than conventional hoses, when subjected to BS6391 resistance test. Temperature range -36ºF to +158ºF.
  • Water-Resistant Jacket
    Firepower II’s innovative, uniquely-woven jacket minimizes water absorption and drying time, compared to traditional hoses. This reduces the weight of a hose line in use, making it easier to transport and battle flames from any angle.
  • Unmatched Performance
    For CAFS operations.
  • Superior Abrasion Performance
  • Exceeds Standards
    Firepower II is manufactured to meet or exceed the NFPA 1961 standard.
  • ULC Listed

  Firepower II Flyer

  Municipal Fire Hose Ten-Year Warranty

Firepower II Specifications:
Size Pressure
Service Proof Burst
Bowl Size Weight
Coil Diameter
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1-3/4 45 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-1/8 18 8.1 16.5 419
2 50 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-3/8 20 9.1 17.5 445
2-1/2 65 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-7/8 23 10.4 18.5 470
Technical Data:
Outer 100% synthetic circular woven
Outer Hose Treatment Armour Jacket
Inner Hose Cover & Liner Nitrile/PVC Rubber
Inner Hose Reinforcement 100% synthetic circular woven
Lengths 50’ only coupled
Lengths Uncoupled Not available
Factory Installed Couplings Expansion ring threaded or Storz
Temperature Range -36º F to +158º F
Approvals ULC Listed (1-3/4”,2-1/2”)