Attack Fire Hose

Durable Attack Line Fire Hoses

Our lay-flat attack line hoses bring the fight to fires, providing toughness, reliability, and strong water flow to fire departments across North America.

BullDog Hi-Combat II attack fire hose

Hi-Combat II®

Hi-Combat II® is a high-quality lay-flat interior attack fire hose built with performance, flexibility, and endurance in mind. The hose is constructed to ensure reliability with its special abrasion-resistant outer jacket.
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BullDog Firepower II attack fire hose

Firepower II™

Firepower II™ is a double-jacket lay-flat attack fire hose made with a high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket; providing the durability and flow that make it an invaluable firefighting tool.
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BullDog Hose Ultima 1.75 attack fire hose


Ultima™ is designed to guarantee minimum weight, maximum durability, and a powerful flow when fighting fires. This lay-flat hose is lined with a high-tech EPDM tube and covered in a durable double-jacket.
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BullDog Fireguard attack fire hose


Fireguard™ is a premium lay-flat fire hose that takes average attack lines to the next level. Its unique design gives combat firefighters the flexibility and performance to face the toughest challenges.
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