Industrial Hoses

Premium Liquid-Transfer Hoses

Hi-Vol Hose


Hi-Vol® is a premium large diameter supply hose that offers superior performance with the ability to deliver more water at a lower cost. This hose offers high resistance to heat, oils, chemicals, UV and Ozone. It is available in 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm diameter supply lines.
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BullDog Red/Yellow Chief Hose

Little Big Chief™

Little Big Chief™ is a lightweight attack hose. Its is constructed with a rubber cover and lining that completely protects the synthetic jacket. The Little Big Chief is very tough and durable.
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Hi-Power high-rise fire hose


GASyn-CHEM® is a lightweight through-the-weave washdown hose that is also designed to be durable and abrasion resistant. This hose will not mildew or rot and is heat and ozone resistant.
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Super Marshall hose side profile

Super Marshall™

Super Marshall™ is a rubber covered through-the-weave fire hose. The special cover prevents damage such as burns and abrasion. This is a low maintenance hose that requires no washing or drying.
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