BullDog Hose Bushmaster


Lightweight Forestry Hose

Reliability you can count on when faced with forest fires. Bushmaster™ is a lightweight polyester jacket, polyurethane-lined forest fire hose that adheres to the USDA-US Forest Service Specification 5100-187. It is a lightweight hose that is easy to maneuver and features an extra smooth outer jacket for easy dragging. Bushmaster is an easy-to-clean hose. The standard color for BullDog Bushmaster is white but is also available in yellow upon request.

  • Lightweight for easy handling

  • Extra smooth outer jacket for easy dragging

  • Easily cleaned

  • Compact for easy storage and transport

  • Adheres to US Forest Service Specification 5100-187

  • Adheres to CAN-ULC. S518. 1-95

  • Standard color is white, yellow available upon request

  Bushmaster Product Flyer

  Forestry Fire Hose One-Year Warranty

Bushmaster™ Specifications:
Size Pressure
Service Proof Burst
Bowl Size Weight
Coil Diameter
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1 25 300 2100 600 4200 900 6300 1-3/16 7.5 3.4 13 330
1-1/2 38 300 2100 600 4200 900 6300 1-11/16 9.5 4.3 15 381
Technical Data:
Outer Polyester
Inner Hose Cover & Liner Polyurethane
Lengths 50’, 75’, 100’ coupled
Factory Installed Couplings Expansion Ring Couplings, Threaded or 1⁄4-Turn Forestry