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Securing Non-Traditional Water Sources

Types of Non-Domestic Water Sources Knowing where the water is available to you is critical in emergencies. When regular domestic water sources such as hydrants and support trucks are not available, crews must be ready to take action and locate a reliable supply of water or create their own. This article explores what non-domestic water

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Great Naples Fire Rescue District Deputy Chief Alan McLaughlin

“We recently merged four fire departments into one. All four fire departments had various hose selections from different manufacturers. Our goal was to standardize our firehose and offer the best for our personnel. After evaluating several hose manufacturers, we agreed BullDog Hose Company was the best choice. We recently standardized to low PSI nozzles. This hose is a ‘no brainer‘ when using our new low PSI nozzles. Also, 100% made in the USA!”

Deputy Chief Alan McLaughlin, Greater Naples Fire Rescue District (Naples, FL)

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